Well Testing

Well Testing

Italfluid has a wide well testing experience in on-shore and off-shore operational scenarios. Our experience embraces High Pressure and High Temperature well testing.

All Italfluid equipment are H2S Service, and most of them can operate in classified zone 2 (ATEX equipment)

Italfluid has available Special Gas Burner noiseless – flare confined, smokeless, to operate in sensitive area and/or complex conditions.

Tubular Running Services

Italfluid make up, break out, and handle tubulars supports services allow to efficiently run tubular to total depth. Our equipment includes:

  • Casing & Tubing Hydraulic Power Tong
  • Non-marking Power Tong.
  • Fill Up & Circulating Tool

Italfluid provides also:

  • Hydraulic Pick-up & Lay-Down Machine to safely and efficiently move pipe between racks and rig floor, reducing job time, pipe or thread damage and personnel accidents.
  • Casing Driver System that allows to make up and simultaneously to rotate and reciprocate casing, then to reach bottom wellbores and improve cementing job.
  • Clean Recover Tool & Dope Applicator for easy washing and proper dope application on tubular threads
  • Weight Joint Compensator to insure high quality, soft and precise connection during stabbing-in of casing or tubing.