Storage tanks

Storage tanks

46 m3 storage tanks

H2S service tanks have a cylindrical and horizontal body normally used as temporary storage of oil prior to transfer in tankers or flowline.

Tanks can also contain other types of fluids as long as not too viscous or chemically aggressive.

The thickness of the plating and polycentric bottoms makes them resistant to accidental explosion caused by internal combustion.

The operating pressure is the atmospheric pressure, while the test pressure is 8 bar.

The tanks are designed for the installation of level gauges with electronic and visual alarms for minimum and maximum level, they also are also equipped with:

  • Cooling surface by rain water
  • Electric explosion-proof gear for oil transfer
  • heating coils of stored oil
  • Connection for inerting gas.

Storage tanks and/or 120 m3 stabilization

Tanks used indifferently both as storage and stabilization pressure unit (operating pressure 4 bar, test pressure 8 bar).

140 m3Storage tanks

Pressure: atmospheric. Test pressure: 6 bar

1000 m3 fixed and floating roof storage tanks