The separator is the prince of well testing equipment which includes the whole of the effluent of the well.

Italfluid designs and manufactures equipment independently through their own departments, and this allows you to have different types of separators with capacities of up to 30,000 liters and pressures up to 200 bar.

The separators made ​​from Italfluid are suitable for the treatment of acid gas (H2S Service), are PED qualified for fluids in Group I of the cat. IV and certified ATEX II 2G.

The functions to which separators can perform are:

  • Separate the process fluid at various homogeneous stages;
  • Download various phases (oil, gas and water) by measuring the flow rates;
  • Sampling the individual phases.

The operation of the separators Italfluid is essentially based on the effect of the gravity force on the fluids in different densities, as well as on mechanical actions and on the reduction of the speed and turbulence of the flow.

The Italfluid separators can be divided into different types:

  • Horizontal, vertical, conical;
  • Biphasic or triphasic;
  • Different volumetric capacity, maximum operating pressures, the range of operating temperature and treatment capacity for gas, oil and water).

The standard equipment of separators includes:

  • Analog and electronic Measurers of pressure and temperature
  • Levels in visual transparency and level tire controllers for oil and water
  • Mechanical and electronic flow measurement of liquids
  • Electronic transmitters of various types for the measurement of gas flow rate, installed on measurement lines compliant with UNI EN ISO 5167-2
  • Adjustment Pneumatic valves to control the pressure and the levels;
  • One or two safety valve springs, placed on the top of the vessel to protect from any overpressure and in some cases a further safety valve located on the inlet line to the separator
  • A hydraulic line accompanied by fusible plugs, designed for fire detection
  • Sampling points for the collection of various fluids
  • Level Bridle and a two-valve manifold to install any additional safety accessories such as level switches and pressure switches;
  • Transfer Pumps of oil and water.

Used in oil wells as the separator of the second stage and/or stabilization, it is characterized by large volumes, large areas of interface between the fluids and long retention time.

In the separators of stabilization, with operating pressures close to atmospheric ones, continues the process of separation. pressure fluctuations and flow velocity at the inlet are eliminated. Usually both pressure and level controllers are used for the command of the pumps dedicated to the transfer of crude oil.