Italfluid has different types of tubes with connections that are used and implemented in the workshop on the basis of process requirements.

In systems tubes with hammer connections manufactured according to the standard ” WECO ” and fillet “Standard ACME ” and ” STUB ACME” are typically used, in order to significantly reduce the time of commissioning of the plant.

The most common types are manufactured Φ 2 ” , 3 Φ ‘ and Φ 4 ” fig. 602, 1002 and 1502 with maximum operating pressures ranging from 1440 to 7500 psi.

For working pressures of 10,000 psi using tubing with ” METAL TO METAL ” joints and fillet “Standard ACME ” made ​​of steel 25CrMo4 .

Every piping has an ID plate on which we can find the information to identify the piece, including universal joints for which there is also a color code .

The tubes are qualified PED, H2S Service and manufactured with materials certified and tested; in addition, all welds are examined by nondestructive testing.

More precisely, depending on the type of product, the X-rays, perform the following checks: ultrasonic, magnetic contols and liquid penetrant.