Fire fighting system

Fire fighting system

In the gas sites as in those of oil, fire-fighting equipment used such as fire extinguishers consisting of various types and capacities, placed in areas thought to be at greater risk of fire.

When instead the storage and loading of crude oil or condensate is also provided, together with the fire extinguishers a special plant to foam and cool tanks and tankers is prepared; in detail the use of the following:

  • Fire resistant tub with a reserve of water sufficient to ensure the proper flow of foam solution and cooling water, in addition to the daily needs of various users
  • self-priming water pumps, with filling system and water circulation
  • Manifold that allows to sort the flow of the pumped water or on the supply line of the monitors, or on the line of the cooling nozzles, or recycle the water in the large tub
  • Mixing of fluoroproteic foam
  • Storage foam tank
  • Ring of distribution for monitors
  • Line of cooling tanks and tires of the trucks at the loading stations

Fire system tub


Foam mixers

Monitors with hose, gun and diffuser