Choke Manifold

Choke Manifold

Choke manifold 3” 10000 psi

The equipment consists of four Gate valve blocks and is used to control the flow rate of the effluent of the well through duses fixed with calibrated holes or variable duses, with which the pressure jump between and surface and bottom of well is forced.

To this end, the choke manifold used are divided into two types to choose from depending on the case:

  • Choke manifold with two fixed duses;
  • Choke manifold with a fixed and a variable

Italfluid has 2 “and 3″ choke manifold, made ​​in different versions according to the operating pressures ( 5000 ÷ 10000 psi).

The materials used for the construction of the equipment are certified ATEX, PED and H2S service.

The variable duses ranging from 3 ” are generally assembled with orifice 2 x 1 “, while the duses 2 ” orifice are assembled with 2 x ½”. Instead, the set of fixed duses accompanying a choke manifold Φ 3 ” have orifices with diameters ranging from Φ 1/8″ up to Φ 1″½:


On request it is possible to easily replace the choke with a variable duse holder for fixed duses, as well as the possibility to create a bypass valve by inserting a central connection between input and output choke.

In support of the choke manifold there is a “data header” used for the detection of pressure and temperature choke, with the possibility to perform other operations, such as chemical injection.