Calibration tanks

Calibration tanks

The calibration tanks are two cylindrical tanks, each having a capacity of about 7 m3. They are used to quantify the liquid phases coming from the primary separation and to determine the correction coefficients of the flowmeters of liquids mounted on separators.

Calibration tanks 8 bar, 13200 l / DN 125

The calibration tanks are qualified as ATEX and PED as instruments at 8 bar to make them “explosion prof.”

The operating pressure is normally the atmospheric pressure, while the test pressure is 8 bar. The safety valves applied on each tank intervene at 8 bar to allow the use of the unit even at pressures greater than atmospheric in cases of necessity.

The transfer of fluids from the equipment is via pumps accompanied by thermostats and flow switches for the safe operation of equipment. Visual level indicators mounted on each tank are used to measure the volume changes of the liquid contained inside. For the same purpose, electronic transmitters like radars may also be installed on site.

All possible drive failures are reported as an alarm on the electrical panel.