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Slickline & Wireline Services Company

Well Services Group Italfluid

  • • Offer innovative solution and technologies to address the evolving needs of the industry
  • • Investing in employee training and development to maintain a highly skilled workforce
  • • Being a responsible corporate citizen and positively impacting the communities in which the company operates.

Our Mission

  • • Deliver efficient and reliable slickline services to enhance well productivity
  • • Ensure safety and environmental sustainability in all operations
  • • Build strong client relationships through excellent costumer service.

Mechanical Services

  • Services Provider in Italy per Slick line and Wireline
  • Experienced Personal (Ex SLB and Hall), multi skill (Slickline
    & e-line), helping to save time at the rig site.
  • Focal market Italy, Adriatic Sea & Sicily
  • Long time experience in oil and gas well
  • Actual Costumers: ENI / Stogit /Edison /Total
  • Rig and Rigless assistance jobs
  • Slickline quick connectors strings available 1,25in, 1,5in,
    1-7/8in and 2-1/2in (H2S and Standard)

Surface Equipment’s

  • We are able to provide Offshore (6 DNV Skid Units)
    and Onshore Units ( 2 Trucks), Zone 2 + 1 Light weight
  • Each Unit with double drum, 7/32 e-line and 0,108,
    0,125 Slickline, Standard and H2S services.
  • Add-on Drums system for all our units
  • Portable Logging units also available to run
    Memory/SRO logging tools (Calipers / CBL / PLT / Gyro)
  • Time swapping from Slickline to e-line less then 1 hr.

Pressure Control Equipment PCE

WSGI, Wireline can offer a selection of Nov PCE 10KPsi rate, and Wireline Masts

Pressure control equipment for slickline and e-line operations including turnaround sheeves

Most common PCE: 3”, 4” and 5” 10KPsi based on sespe incltJaing pressure test pumps and triplex pumps

Wireline masts of different heights; 60ft and 90ft.

Wireline & Slickline


  • Slickline: 0,108in and 0,125in
  • Braided Line (Dyform): 7/32in
  • E-line: 7/32in
  • All of them Standard and H2S services

We are able to offer

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