Italfluid Geoenergy S.r.l. is an Italian services company that has been operating in the oil industry for over 30 years.

It mainly specializes in the following fields of activity:

  • Production testing of oil wells
  • Early production and long production test
  • Measures and checks in wells (read out, the memory gauge)
  • Gas Desulfurization
  • Design and mechanical engineering
  • Design, construction and maintenance of process plants and hydrocarbon processing.

In recent years it has expanded its activities abroad in collaboration with the other companies of the group.

Produzione idrocarburi in Basilicata

Produzione idrocarburi in Basilicata

The first foreign activities were carried out in North Africa, first with Tong Service, and subsequently with the services of Coiled Tubing, Wire Line, Memory Gauge, Well Testing, Production Early and long production test

In the operating fields Italfluid has developed “know how” and its own technologies that have allowed them to design and implement in their own laboratories and workshops innovative equipment and systems including:

  • Systems for the original data acquisition and management;
  • Pilot plants and simiscala for the treatment of products and / or effluents (crude oil and natural gas).

All, according to quality, safety, reliability, versatility and environmental friendliness criteria.

The Management System for Quality, for both activities at the Base Operations and for those performed at the mining Workplace is certified by third bodies and ensures the provision of services according to well-established and verified standards by Customers who have carried out audits and inspections at various locations.

A peculiar characteristic of Italfluid is the ability to respond to customer requirements in terms of reliability , professionalism, competence of personnel and equipment in a very short time , even with demands that go beyond the normal operating standards , thanks to the professionalism and the multidisciplinary business flexibility of the entire structure .

The research for flexibility , reliability, quality and safety of the mobile planst of the Italfluid group represent characteristics of activities and services offered worldwide.

Particular attention is also given to staff training, being it staff , workshop or job site. The schedule of courses includes training activities both conducted externally ( design classes, controls, safety, etc …) and internallt using its human resources (” Technical ” and ” HSE “courses).